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[vc_row][vc_column][nt_app_moc iconone=”lightbulb” headingone=”Call by Click” descriptionone=”You can go to the right context by choosing topic which is relevant to your concern without listening to robot talk” icontwo=”trophy3″ headingtwo=”Cover Various Industries” descriptiontwo=”Call Zen includes contact information of more than 20 categories ( more than 200 major places ) to ensure that you can find the right thing at here.” iconthree=”gears” headingthree=”Update Menus” descriptionthree=”Sometimes the route of call center for keep changing. We also follow those changes and update our version abruptly to make our feature in the track.” iconfour=”mobile4″ headingfour=”Support All Actions” descriptionfour=”No matter what the actions are, Calling, Listening to IVRs, Inputting the verification are certainly supported by our engine.” iconfive=”browser2″ headingfive=”Rate and Review” descriptionfive=”Our users can give ranking and put review after they finish their contact to help improve call center operation.” iconsix=”adjustments” headingsix=”Favorite Menus” descriptionsix=”Users can make their own list of call centers to save more time in finding among the hundred lists.” heading=”App Features” slogan=”Saving Your Precious Time”][nt_app_moc_image agen_imgss=”435″][/nt_app_moc][vc_features_two_container images=”416,420,421″ heading=”Call Zen For Business” description=”We offer the solution to the business that wants to promote its brand to Call Zen users. This promo package includes the logo integration, color brand theme and banner. ” buttononelink=”#0″ buttononetext=”Read More”][vc_features_two_item features_list=”Customize colors and themes fitting your brand”][vc_features_two_item features_list=”Faster and Easier telephone setup for your agents”][vc_features_two_item features_list=”Chat function for your agents to response via mobile platform”][vc_features_two_item features_list=”Rating your agent customer service responses”][vc_features_two_item features_list=”Broadcasting your marketing message to your customers”][/vc_features_two_container][vc_urip_tab_container sectionid=”tabs” heading=”Voice from Users ” agen_img=”489″ quoteheading=”Steve Job” quotedesc=”My Favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”][vc_urip_tab_item iconone=”speech-bubble” headingone=”Nattawadee” icontwo=”speech-bubble” headingtwo=”Leo” iconthree=”speech-bubble” headingthree=”Non” iconfour=”” headingfour=”” iconsix=”” headingsix=”” descriptionone=”“This is the world needed thank you to create this app. it’s great and useful. love it“” descriptiontwo=”“Must-have mobile app. Applause to the team for making the alternative to customers who don’t want to be a bait in marketing.“” descriptionthree=”Very Cool ! I have experienced this problem of going through call center for half an hour . It was very frustrating. Thank you for this application Keep developing Thank you !”][/vc_urip_tab_container][urip_counter_item_container ratio=”6″ agen_img=”495″ sectionid=”counter”][urip_counter_item icon=”lightbulb” heading=”Downloaded” counter=”25557″][urip_counter_item icon=”lock4″ heading=”Saved calls” counter=”23630″ icondelays=”.4″][urip_counter_item icon=”envelope” heading=”Time saved ( minutes )” counter=”11815″ icondelays=”.6″][urip_counter_item icon=”global ” heading=”Saved cost” counter=”17732″ icondelays=”.8″][/urip_counter_item_container][/vc_column][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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